Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day zero of the Pageant

Well we are finally here!

It seems like ages ago since we got the phonecall saying we had been accepted as members of the family cast at the British Pageant, but we have just arrived at the hotel and have got ourselves settled and we are just waiting for 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to get started.
As part of the preparation to take part in the pageant we have been given a lot of information on things to do and expect as part of the pageant, the two things that have really stood out are:
  1. The importance of writing down our experiences, thoughts and feelings.
  2. To expect to see miracles.
Under number 1 this is pretty tough for me, I have never really been any good at keeping a journal so I am going to try a blog for something different, perhaps the pressure of knowing that family and friends will be reading will motivate me to record something daily.
Under number 2 this is why I am really excited.
I have called this pageant day 0 as I was at work today by 4 o'clock today I was still in the middle of my annual appraisal  and then spending the evening travelling to Chorley. However in our excitement we decided to stop at the temple grounds to take in the "giant" marquee and see if there was anything still going on. As we drove into the car park we saw a lady that we had never seen before wearing "period" costume. When we got out of the car she came over to us and said "you must be Lynne, Charlie and Gary". It was quite the welcome, miraculous even, and very unexpected given we were there 13 hours too early. It turns out that Caroline is going to be our district leader and had seen our pictures previously, it's good to know that we will looked after by someone with such attention to detail.
So now time for bed, I want to be on top form tomorrow!
Let the miracles begin...

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  1. 'Conscience and coincidence are manifestations of Holy Spirit' (paraphrased from John Henry Newman). Have a lovely and interesting time... keeping eyes and ears and heart open..