Friday, 26 July 2013

British Pageant Red Cast - Day 2

Well that felt like a long day!

I think that today we all understood a bit more of the enormity of the scale of what is trying to be achieved. If I had enough time to think about it logically, I would be feeling pretty scared. Thankfully everyone in charge of organising the Pageant seems to be calm, now whether that's because everything is going according to plan or they are lulling us into a false sense of security I'm not too sure.
Particular highlight for us today, was being placed in the Scottish section of British Dance routine, hopefully all those Scottish country dancing lessons I had at Primary School (where they made me hold actual girls hands) will now pay off.

Today we were given a couple of items to help us over the next ten days, the first was a guidebook giving us all the relevant information we would need, it contained our schedule over the next few days. However over the next couple of days there is not much variation on what is being done, we rehearse in the morning, we then rehearse in the afternoon and to mix it up a little we rehearse in the evening.
The second item we received were very official looking pageant badges:


The last time I wore an official badge was as a missionary, I wore it everyday with pride and happiness to be representing Jesus Christ and the church, and I had some similar feelings today at seeing my name on the British Pageant badge.
In my life the following names are very important to me - Thiriot, Marteaux, Alder, Greig, Flint, Kunst, Murray, Nemeth, Burnham, Lindquist and Regimbal. Now for anyone who knows me will be thinking that this must be the starting line-up the last time my beloved Dundee United won the cup, but these were  actually my 11 mission companions, with whom I was able to share some of the best experiences of my life.
Perhaps the greatest thing about being part of the Pageant is being able to serve with my choice of companions. I love the fact that I am now serving in the exact same calling as my 7 year old son, I think that we have a special relationship (which generally involves tormenting Lynne) and if I could give him any experience from my life it would be the opportunity I had to serve a mission. I hope that over the next 9 days we will be able to grow closer together and his desire to serve will strengthen.
Lynne and I look forward to our retirement and the many missions we hope to serve, this experience, I hope, is really just a taster for that future life. The stories of the early members of the church in Britain are helping us to get a better perspective of the important things in life, really that when all is said and done in this life it is our relationship with our family as well as God that will remain. The other good thing about serving with Lynne is she always has something to say, so I can relax and not worry about those awkward silences that I seem to suffer from.
Oh and Lynne is by far the best looking companion I have ever served with!

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