Monday, 29 July 2013

British Pageant Red Cast - Day 5

Less than 48 hours to go aaaaaagh!
Well today was pretty much rehearsals from 9am to 10:30pm, it was exhausting! I can't believe how well everyone coped with the schedule all the young children just seems to keep on going it was truly miraculous. The plan for today was to learn our third and final dance, look at what was required for the second half of the show and then tonight do a full run through of the British Pageant, this was extremely ambitious but by the night it seemed to have paid off.
Personal highlight for us guys was the arrival of our sky blue pageant t-shirts (see day 3 blog for further details). Personal lowlight was at dinner while feeling extremely hungry, the fire alarm at the accommodation centre went off just as we said amen to the blessing of the food - very frustrating!

Been there, got the t-shirt - not yet done that
The phrase that has been in my mind today is "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." It has been a tough few days for all people involved in the pageant I think there are a few people who are surprising themselves with what they are actually capable of. This is a lesson I have relearned over and over again. We are able to do hard things, and when we put our mind to it and have the goal in mind we can accomplish things that seem impossible.
Our ability is then further enhanced as we look to do God's will. It seems that our limits in life are the one's that we give to ourselves or allow others to give to us. We can let fear or doubt clip our wings and stop us from soaring. Today people believed in us, we believed in our children and they had focus and worked for close to 14 hours. Everyone left the theatre with a new understanding of tiredness but they also had a smile and the satisfaction that we had all come so far.
It makes me think of a personal hero of mine, Mohammed Ali, he accomplished phenomenal things in the face of tough times, he did this with the help of his personal motto:
  • As a young man, before he became the champion of the world his motto was "I am the greatest".
  • When he was heavyweight champion of the world his motto was "I am the greatest".
  • And now after his retirement even with his illness his motto remains "I am the greatest",
His motto didn't change, it was never "will be the greatest" or "was the greatest" and a look into his life shows the efforts and work accomplished for him reach his goal and be the greatest.
As a youngster, I always loved the idea of being some kind of genius (something akin to Matilda) but was never really naturally that gifted. As I've gone through life I have learned that natural genius is always trumped by good old fashioned hard work, all I need to do is trust God and remove the artificial limits I put on myself.
To the world I say "Come and see the British Pageant, it is the greatest!"

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