Friday, 2 August 2013

British Pageant Red Cast - Day 8

They said "Break a leg!"

Lynne is probably the only person I know that would receive so many visitors in a hospital waiting room (and outside visiting hours!)

Today is undoubtedly the saddest day of our Pageant experience. Tonight while on stage, we were doing the dance that welcomed the apostles to Britain, Lynne ruptured a tendon in her calf, we had to miss out on most of the show and sadly it looks like Lynne will miss out on the last two shows that the Red Cast is in. I can't tell you how sad she is about that.
For me, when I was doing the tonight's show I was absolutely loving it, so I also felt very sad at having to come off stage (and right before my favourite bit), but I could see that she was in considerable pain and was very concerned. A big shout out to some of the unsung heroes of the pageant are the medic team who did an amazing job.
Lynne despite being in some pain is very upbeat about it all, she is taking the view that she was set apart as a "representative of Jesus Christ for the duration of the Pageant" and whether she does that on stage or not will not affect her goal at the Pageant, just the way that she does it. Even today she was amazing at this inviting a couple at a greasy spoon cafĂ©, two ladies at the laundrette, the Travelodge man and a couple at the accident and emergency room to come and see the Pageant and download the music.
The Pageant has a scene it while we are on a boat setting sail for America, the Cannon family all sit round their sick mother. After a short dialogue she passes away, and through music and acting we see her move from this world to the world beyond. To me it is the most powerful scene of the whole show, I can envisage myself in the position of the Cannon's, to feel the pain of losing your wife and the mother of your children it makes me realise how grateful I am to have Lynne to be my wife and Charlie's mum.
In the dance, initially when I saw something not quite right with Lynne, I just thought come on Lynne there are 1600 people here, don't embarrass me! However, after a twirl I saw that she was in some distress, at that point I completely forgot about the 1600 audience and the 120 folk on stage and just had to get Lynne off and get her seen to.
These feelings are in keeping with the Pageant experience. It shows how the Pageant is very different to other shows, the Pageant is a teaching experience, I am unable to act or portray feelings with my very limited acting skills. However I believe that I am able to express the actual feelings in my heart. I could not teach the audience my belief regarding the importance of families, if I was willing to pretend to be happy for the sake of the show, whilst Lynne was in such pain.
It's too early to say if I'll get on the stage for the red cast's last two shows, it just wouldn't be the same without her. This has very much been a family occasion and we've grown much closer together and been so happy.
Please can you remember her in your prayers - I believe in miracles.

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