Sunday, 4 August 2013

British Pageant Red Cast - Day 10

Head over heels!

Photos by Marie Barber

That was such a brilliant day, probably one of the top 10 days ever. There was the inevitable sadness and tears of having to say goodbye to my Pageant family, but it was great to have so many members of my own family there, my mum and dad, brother and sister with all their families, aunt and uncle and their family and lots of Lynne's family.

Lynne's leg was so much better today, she was able to put some weight on her leg, which made getting round so much faster! So tonight she was able to do all her scenes (except for the dances). Tonight with a big Scottish crowd in, the best part of the evening was the roar when the Scottish dancers came on.

On stage tonight I think the Lord may have spoke directly to me while we were doing the book of Mormon scene, where the family cast come on and read the Book of Mormon, I had opened the Book of Mormon at a random page and was pretending to read, I couldn't see the words as I didn't have my glasses on and the light was quite dark. Lynne then pointed to a verse, I brought the book closer to my face and squinted and was able to make out the following phrase "Shave with a razor"! (2 Nephi 17:20)

Some exciting news that we received is that there will be meetings for the cast and work crew on Thursday and Friday evenings with senior general authorities. I would be extremely excited at this prospect except that I will be very unlikely to get the time off work. Hopefully Lynne's recovery will be speedy and she will be able to drive down with Charlie. 

Today we also had a red cast testimony meeting, where many of my new friends shared thoughts and experiences similar to the ones I had. There was a definite sadness about it being the last time that we would all be together, I had thoughts about the next life thinking it would be cool if we were able to have some kind of 2013 British Pageant reunion and a one time extra show.

Tonight before the show, all the cast in their outfits got a picture in front of the temple, it was then highlighted the symbolism of the photo, the fact that we represented the early british saints who left this country in their thousands to head to Nauvoo so that they can be close to the temple and here we were around 160 years later, representing them in front of a temple in our own country.

It is sad to think that the Red Cast is now over, however by some small miracle I may get to go back on Thursday and Friday to see the modern day Heber Kimball's coming to this land. If not I will have the privilege to see the final performance of the show next Saturday, with all the positive reviews those tickets will now be like gold dust, I could get a fortune for them on ebay!

When I was set apart, it was for the duration of the pageant, so for this week I will try hard to keep up the good and positive feelings that have come to me. I will write one last blog entry to put down some overall reflections on my pageant experience as well as my thoughts on actually getting to see the show. 
Best of luck to the blue cast, hope your experience is a great one.

Truth will prevail!

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